Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Favorite Authors

Okay, so here are a few of my favorite authors. I'm going to do my always-go-back-to and a few newer authors that I haven' read but one or two books by. Let me know in the comments if you like any of the same authors or if you have recommended authors!

Okay, so I'm just going to throw out a couple of classical authors first and then get to the others. I love Louisa May Alcott! Beyond explanation! I also love Dickens, and he has written some of my favorite books, Bleak House and Great Expectations. But he's kind of hit and miss for me. I didn't like Hard Times, and I didn't finish A Tale of Two Cities. I also enjoy Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters and Cranford.

But enough about dead people. You want to know who I like that's actually still writing! Okay, well... Tracie Peterson is my.... I don't know but I have more of her books than any other author (not counting the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy books, since I have like the whole set of both of those!) My favorite Tracie Peterson's are... you guessed it... the Alaska ones! I found an Alaska book by her co-authored with Kimberley Woodhouse and found out that I'm a fan of her too! I've read three of her books and can't wait for more! Judith Miller is another favorite of mine, although some of her stories are definitely better than others! My favorite of hers, my all-time favorite, has to be the Postcards from Pullman series! It was the first non-kid section series I read! I've said it before, but I love Patricia H Rushford's mysteries, and I have for years! But recently I discovered Lynette Eason and her books always give me a thrill! Julianna Deering also writes mysteries and hers always make me want to watch British period dramas! Kim Vogel Sawyer has a way with words that have me not moving for 5 straight hours! Lauraine Snelling hardly ever disappoints, although obviously not everyone gets it every time. Cathy Marie Hake is another I love. My favorites of hers are Whirlwind (or maybe That Certain Spark, I can never make up my mind) and Mixed Blessings!

A few authors that I've only read one or two books by, but loved include...

1: Jen Turano- her book had me in stitches
2: Dani Pettrey- Alaska and a mystery? Does it get any better?
3: Roseanna M White- The Lost Heiress and A Lady Unrivaled were incredible!
4: Patrick W Carr- I loved his fantasy book... I'm ready for another anytime!
5: Elizabeth Camden- It takes a couple pages, but once I'm in, I'm in for the long haul!
6: Rhonda Gibson- she writes cowboy stories!
7: Sarah Sundin- WWII at it's best
8: Beverly Lewis- the queen of Amish fiction, am I right?
9: Janette Oak- hit and miss but Love Comes Softly and Canadian West are the way to go!
10: Melanie Dickerson- I've only read The Golden Braid... but it was crazy good!

I hope I've given you some ideas for new authors to check out or if not, I hope you liked getting to know who I enjoy! Can't wait to hear from you!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yeah. I know it's really late....

...but I have a lot of important things to say, so listen up! First off..... June 13th! It's an author interview and I  am beside myself! More info to come on that later, I don't want to say everything all at once. But make sure you're following the blog so you don't miss out on this. Also, follow my Twitter to get more info on the interview and for daily updates on what I'm reading.

Another thing, in case you haven't heard, I'm going to the beach this weekend, so I'm not sure what's going to be going on with my social media and my blog posts, but I'm going to try and send you pictures. And if you were wondering what books I'm taking on my vacation... Tracie Peterson's Striking a Match series is safely packed in my bag (Yes the whole series, and if I finish that, and I probably will, depending on how much I'm required to interact with people, I'll have to see what's on my Kindle app)

Anyway, that's all for tonight... or I guess this morning since it's past midnight now. Oh well. I just couldn't wait!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Review: Everyone Has a Mother by Sally Huss

This is a kid's book so it will be a short review. But I wanted to point out this book to read on Mother's Day. This book gets 4 stars. The message was golden. I loved that this book placed equal emphasis on birth mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers. This is the kind of message that needs to be in all kids books! I truly does appreciate all kinds of mothers.The pictures were a little weird, but other than that, this book was great! Totally something to read with your kids today! Have a great Mother's Day today guys, and enjoy the book!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: A Love So True by Melissa Jagears

Evelyn Wisely loves working at the local orphanage, but her heart can't ignore the women of Teaville who are also in need. Her boss is willing to help build a shelter for them, but only if she gains the cooperation and financial support of other local businessmen.

While David Kingsman plans to stay in Teaville just long enough to get his father's business back on solid ground, he's intrigued by Evelyn's cause and finds himself more invested with each passing day.

Will their plans and partnership fall apart when confronted with all that is stacked against them, or can they trust in God's plan despite it all? (Not my words, as if you couldn't tell already!)

I'm debating with this one.... but  I think I'm going to give this one a 4.5 stars

1: I loved the orphanage storyline! I'm so interested in orphanages and one day I might work at one if I can! The kids were adorable and they added a lot to the story even though they weren't on every page!

2: When I found out what Evelyn's secret was.... well let's just say that it was the most surprising plot twist I think I've ever read, though maybe not. I can't think.... but this one was definitely a top 3 contender at the least!

3: I really was drawn to this book, as far as choosing it, by the orphanage part, not necessarily the women who also needed help, and I'll admit that that part did not appeal to me as much, even though it was a larger part of the story, but that's not because of bad writing it was just personal preference. And I do admire Evelyn and David's wanting to help those women.

4: One thing hat was really cool was that the story started with David's POV (I don't really remember any other books that start with the guy's POV) and at first I was confused, but then it wound up being awesome because the first time we see Evelyn it's not out of her eyes but the eyes of a stranger.

5: You guys know that I'm a sucker for the perfect ending... and I absolutely adore epilogue when done right! And this one was. done. SO. well! I bout burst into tears at the beauty of it. I'm such a wimp about fictional characters. 😂😂😂

                                                 I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Why a lot of my reviews are 5 star!

So if you've been here very long, you'll have noticed that I have a higher end grading scale, as in a ton of 5s. It's not a "don't wanna hurt noone's feelins"  kind of thing. Here's the deal. I get emotionally invested in almost all the books I read. Like way too badly. It's definitely a problem. So unless something happens in the book that

A: Makes me uncomfortable
B: Has language
C: Is super poorly written
D: Doesn't engage me, or make me get emotionally involved

I'm most likely going to give a 5 star rating. Then I'll go down to 4.5 or 4. I'll also grade on how compelled I am to reread it. I'm not sure that I even have a 3.5 on this blog. I know that I have a 3, and that was a book that I did not finish. The only reason that their aren't any 2 or 1 ratings on this blog is because, frankly, if it's going to get that low of a rating, I am not going to read it. I will put it down and not look back, so why even put myself through the struggle of scarring my eyes with bad lit. You feel?

Not that any of you were wondering or anything, but in case you were interested in knowing how my brain works. Also, review coming tomorrow! A Love So True by Melissa Jagears!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: No Safe Haven by Kimberley Woodhouse and Kayla Woodhouse

Jenna and her daughter Andie are stranded on the side of Sultana, their plane sabotaged by their pilot, a man they believed to be a friend. Now their only chance of survival is Cole Maddox, but can they even trust him. He says he knew her late husband, but Jenna's not convinced. The problem is, if they trust him they might die, but if they don't, they will die. The three of them work together to survive, but Jenna's still not sure why she and Andie were targeted in the first place. Something to do with Marc, apparently, but Cole isn't talking about it very much. With only God and each other, Jenna has to make a choice, for Andie's sake.

I'm definitely giving this book 5 stars!

1: Alaska! I've said this about a dozen times now, but I love all stories set in Alaska. I told my mom I was reading this and that it was about Alaska, and I was really surprised when she said "Oh, your favorite books are in Alaska!" Apparently she does listen to me ramble about my books ;) Anyway, this was great. I love native Alaskan words, and I love Denali and Sultana's original names. Way better than the other names given to them when it became a national park way back when.

2: I loved how the story went back and forth between third person for Cole and Jenna and Leaper and first person for Zoya and Andie. At first I was confused but then I really started to like it. It's really unique.

3: I liked learning about HSAN. I love a book that teaches you as you read. This was crazy informative. It was really interesting to read about. It genuinely peaked my curiosity in a really good way.

4: The mystery part was so super intense. At the end, I was so super close to tears. And it wasn't because of sadness or something like that. It was just SO intense. One of the best mysteries I've read recently!

5: Cole's conversion was possibly the best thing ever! Andie was so insistent and shared her faith so readily. And then Cole and oh my word it was the best thing ever. Best ending ever! I'm serious, go buy the book and read it! Highly recommend this book to all of y'all!

I was gonna wait and post this tomorrow but that isn't happening. I'm wayyyyyyy tooo excited!

Waiting-on-Wednesday: Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Sorry bout that...

Here's the plot summary to this sequel to Treasured Grace (Remember that one?) It comes out in July I believe.


Shackled by Her Past, One Woman Searches for Healing, Forgiveness, and Love
Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at terrible personal cost. Safe now in Oregon City, the gentle rhythm of tending her family's flock of sheep is slowly healing her mind and soul, but her precarious new peace is shattered when Hope is asked to testify against the Cayuse responsible for the massacre. She's not sure she can bear to relive the events of those horrific days, but neither can she risk her attackers being released if she doesn't tell her story.

As Hope struggles to make her choice, an Army lieutenant named Lance Kenner becomes an unexpected ray of light in her life. Perhaps she is still capable of love after all. But will Lance still want her if he learns the whole truth of what happened to her at the mission? Or are the secrets that lie in his own past more troubling?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Review: Submerged by Dani Pettrey

Bailey Craig goes back to her hometown of Yancey, Alaska, for her aunt's funeral, but all she really wants to do is leave. She wants to get away from her past, and all the mistakes she made there, including breaking the heart of Cole McKenna. Unfortunately, Cole won't let her be, and she's starting to feel things for him again. Bailey knows that she could never hope to be Cole's...well, anything. And then, she's surrounded by mystery, death, sabotage. Will she even get out of this one alive?

UMmm... let's go with... 5

1: Alaska is my favorite book setting EVER!!!! This book captured that spirit. It was (Honestly) the main reason the book appealed to me.

2. First time for Dani Pettrey (I've been reading a lot of new authors lately!) and I can't wait to get my hands on the others in this series. I loved the writing style (And as previously stated, the setting!)

3: I loved the characters. I can't wait to read more about them, even if it's just what color their pajamas are. The characters reach out and grab your heart, and pretty soon you're ready to book a ticket to Alaska and meet them. (Wishful thinking)

4: I love how Cole helped Bay see that her past didn't define her future, or even her present. That when Jesus died for her, and she accepted him as Savior, she became a new creature, and all of that was laid to rest.

5: I loved learning all about diving. It's never really interested me that much but this book has rather niggled that hook (I muddled that up, but please understand what I was going for) I also love love love reading about Alaskan history, & I learned something new about that too in this book. Russian-Alaska is really cool, all of it is really!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: After A Fashion by Jen Turano

Harriet and Oliver, an unlikely pair, since she's a hairdresser and he's a member of the New York 400, decide that it will be mutually beneficial to have a pretend engagement. But complications arise, some caused by vindictive women, and others by a former employee, and Harriet wants to back out of their deal. Only, the thing is, their hearts might have gotten a little tangled into the mess. And then, when things look their worst, things might actually be at their best.

For a book like this, 5 stars is the only acceptable rating!

1: This is my first Jen Turano book, and I find her style of writing to be both refreshing and enjoyable. I'll definitely be reading more.

2: This book was hilarious! The most ridiculous things happen, and written in any other way they would seem cheesy. However, in this book, everything just adds to the merriment. Between the fights between characters, and Buford's mishaps, this book had me smiling, and often laughing, the whole way through.

3: I love how Harriet just stands up to Oliver, and he honestly just doesn't know what to do. He seems at such a loss, and that was very refreshing. A fellow who seems lost 90% of the time, ahhhh.....

4: I can't wait any longer to say this! At the end, everything suddenly clicked, and I knew that tears were coming, and I just got up and ran out of the room. It was so perfect I think I might start crying again just thinking about it!

5: I enjoyed Abigail's storyline. I was so glad when she took to Lucetta and Millie and Harriet. Lucetta was so funny with her theatrical airs, and Millie with her bad vocabulary and (not)skills with the hair tongs. Awww... So sweet!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hey, who wants free books?

Here's a link that has great deals and discounts on ebooks. Check it out and tell me which books you saw that you liked. I downloaded a ton of these to my kindle and reviews are coming soon! Currently reading After a Fashion by Jen Turano and can't tell if it's ridiculously funny or just plain ridiculous! I have a feeling it's a mixture of both.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Review: Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

Morrow Little is coming home, to the Red River. She's been gone for two years, and she is ready to see her Pa. If only her ma and baby sister were still alive, and if only Jess hadn't been taken captive by the Shawnee. Morrow's fear of the Shawnee is understandable, surely, but Pa doesn't seem to think so as he befriends a Shawnee chief and his handsome son. Facing the dangers of the frontier, Morrow must look to the Lord as her guide in the trying circumstances.

I'm giving this book 4.5 stars.

1: Looking at my shelves, I saw no books set in the Revolutionary War, and I was pleased at the history in this book. Also, this was a book from the frontier, which is altogether different from the east coast. It's an action packed book, covering about 3-4 years, and that makes for a really complete story. Everything that I wanted to happen had time to come out, since the book covered such a long period of time.

2: I was a little shocked to see that Morrow was the only POV in the whole book, cause it's been so long since I've read a book like that. However, I think that it almost made me feel more like Morrow (I'm butchering this wording!) and feel her emotions and everything deeper than if it had been switching. It's like becoming Morrow for 362 pages!

3: The chapters were a little long, but the story was captivating enough that I hardly noticed that. The writing and characters were so wonderful, and, without spoiling anything, the ending made my eyes a little wet. I loved how all the characters interacted with each other, each relationship unique in its sweetness, or lack thereof in some cases.

4: The 1700s dialect! Tis and Twas being used all the time, it was awesome! Goodness! If you're one for written in accents and speech quirks, then this is the book for you. Also good if you want to learn a few Indian words.

5: Seeing the change it took for Morrow to get over her hatred and to learn to forgive, and just to see how free she was from bitterness after she forgave, shoot! It was so beautiful!

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Update

Hey there! It's a new month and I'm so excited to share with you some upcoming posts and other things.

Reviews to look forward to include a few books sent to me by readers and authors who've been reading my blog! Thank you! Also, A Love So True by Melissa Jagears is on my list this month. I've never read anything by her, but leave a comment if you have! I'll probably also be revisiting a few favorites this month, something I haven't done in a while. I can't wait to share reviews, or updated reviews, of my favorite books with you. Also, I'm almost finished with a Laura Frantz book, so be looking for that review either late this evening, or, more likely, tomorrow morning.

In other exciting news, I've been accepted to join both the Celebrate Lit blogging group, and the Lit Fuse blogging groups. My first tour with Celebrate Lit will be at the end of this month/beginning of next. My date is May 28, so be watching! (And yes, I did already finish the book. I couldn't help myself!) I hear back from Lit Fuse on May 8, I think, to see whether I was accepted in the tour I signed up for there. I'll let you know if I do.

Also, at the end of this month, from May 29-June 4, I'll be on vacation, so unless I just schedule posts, I probably won't have any up then. But you never know, I might. I'll be getting to see April the giraffe and baby Tajiri, going to the Crayola experience, colonial Williamsburg, and possibly Mystic Aquarium. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures, and I will try to post them here. At any rate, I will be posting on Twitter. You can follow my Twitter by hitting the bar on the right.

I can't wait for this month and all that's going to be happening! It's going to be super busy, but so much fun! I hope I get to share a little bit of that fun with you! For now, that's all. Thanks for reading this incredibly long post! A bientot! And Happy May!

(Here's a Snoopy for reading the whole long post!)