Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Nick Newton Is Not A Genius by S.E.M. Ishida

Nick's entire family is genius. But not Nick. When Nick finds a robot bird in his attic and puts it together it leads him on an amazing journey to discover things about his grandfather that no one ever knew! Nick Newton may not be a genius, but he is amazing!

I enjoyed this book a lot (even though this review may not make it look that way. The thing is that I struggle with reviewing short books). I'm going with 5 stars here!

1: This book is perfect for third-fifth graders I would say. It was a pretty quick read for me, but it'd probably not be for them.

2: This was a really unique book. I've never read a children's book quite like it(especially from this publisher). The plot was really creative! And it had a really happy, satisfactory, fulfilling ending.

3: I loved all the characters. They were really well-rounded, especially for a kid's book! And unique! Especially Jude! Also, don't believe all the rumors you hear about people, especially about them being robots! Plink is so cute! She's guaranteed to capture the heart of every reader! I want a Plink!

4: The pictures and especially the cover are all amazing!

5: I laughed (a lot) with this book! Especially finding out who the owner of the purple mansion was. This book will probably have kids in stitches!

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Redeeming Grace by Jill Eileen Smith

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Naomi follows her husband and sons to Moab to escape the famine. While there her husband dies, leaving Naomi powerless to stop her sons from taking Moabite wives. After a decade of marriage to Ruth and Orpah, Mahlon and Chillion die. Naomi decides to take her daughters-in-law back to Israel, but on the way decides to send them back to Moab. Orpah goes, but Ruth refuses and returns to Israel with Naomi. There, Ruth gleans in the fields of Boaz to provide for the two of them.

This book is worth 5 stars!

1: As far as I could tell, this book was incredibly accurate! The research that's been done is evident. 85 verses of the Bible transformed into 350 pages of amazing literature!

2: So, like the book of the Bible, the romance level is a 10. A really big 10.

3: This book contained so many names of God. Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, Almighty.

4: I love the characters. They truly come to life. And to read this at the same time that I was studying Ruth, completely coincidently, was an incredible experience. And much of the dialogue, I recognized as direct quotes from Scripture. My favorite passage in Ruth is definitely her declaration of "Where you go, I will go, where you stay I will stay, your people shall be my people, and your God, my God" That is seriously going in my wedding.

5: This book most definitely highlights the differences between the awful religion of the Moabites and the perfection of true worship of God. Also, how much change Ruth had to get used to.

                                       I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Answer a Question: What's the best retail site to use to post a book review?

My favorite retailer to post my reviews on is Books-A-Million. Their format is very user friendly. You are given options for pros, and for cons, and you can add your own. They have an option for if you received the product in exchange  for an honest review. You can pick what level of reader you are from occasional to bookworm. It's my absolute favorite place to post a review (retailer wise). What is your's? Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

In this Poirot-isque novel Drew and Madeline are called on to solve the murder of a village vicar, someone with no enemies. While investigating that murder, an old woman who used to be a governess is also murdered. She had no enemies either and Drew is hard-pressed to find either suspect or motive. Added to it all, someone's cut the brake lines on a car, and there's a huge dog running around leaving spectral footprints! Also, this is fourth or fifth in the series I think. How have I never read these before????

I believe I'll give this book 5 stars!

1: I was absolutely positively transported back in time! I could feel myself there, and not here. I was gone. (I would so watch this if it were a movie!)

2: So this plot was so crazy! The only thing I explained correctly was the source of the huge paw prints! The killer was not who I expected it to be, in more ways than one! Don't jump to conclusions! Ever. Also, I may regret reading this right before bed...

3: Madeline and Drew are the perfect couple! Their teamwork and devotion is so amazing! Help!!! I can't!

4: I loved all the characters! Everyone was so real! Even the ones without many lines... I feel that I'd recognize them if I were to ever meet them! (Don't worry, I haven't gone off the deep end. A very small part of me does recognize the fictionality of this work. Also, did I just make up a word?)

5: I absolutely loved the references to classical literature such as the Bronte sisters and Sir Arthur Canon Doyle! Anyone that is a classic lover will enjoy that aspect to this amazing(!!!!) mystery!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Review (and look-forward to the 23rd):Dawn on the Road by Lea Waterhouse

Dawn is 16 and with a dream. She wants to go to art school. In Vancouver. But to get there she needs to take a road trip with Justin, her childhood friend. Turns out, this road trip might lead to more than a school. (So if that's not a good enough summary for you, keep tuned. Feb 23 is the day I'm posting the author interview with Lea, and it'll have the official blurb.)

I'm giving this book 4.5 stars.

1: The story line was really quite unique. I enjoyed the trip to Vancouver very much. I felt myself taking the journey with Dawn and Justin. The cover is beautiful, and it's books like this that make me wish I was into photography! And especially for a first book, this was great!

2: The emphasis on creation was beautiful. And one of the most important things to believe, biblically speaking. If you can't believe Gen 1:1, how can you believe John 3:16?

3: The reason this lost half a star is because frequent use of OMG and darn/dang. Also, uncomfortable thought process of a non-Christian, an atheist more specifically (which did change, so yeah) but still... I was a little 😐... (which I can easily be discomfited, I'm pretty conservative...)

4: This is a fast(ish) read. Although it only has 8 chapters, it took 2 hours(ish) to read. A one-afternoon-er. Such a sweet little book. Perfect length.

5: I loved the way this book touched on the fact that salvation isn't something that must happen in a church. Prayer isn't something that should be memorized and rolled out like a speech for class. It's in your heart, which He knows.

 Thank you Lea, for sharing your beautiful book with me!

Ready to learn more about Dawn, Justin, and their journey? February 23 is the day Dawn on the Road comes out. And.... The day Lea's author interview will be posted here! Make sure to follow so that you don't miss this! I can't wait! You're going to love it!

Friday, February 17, 2017

BookApp of the Week: BookBub

BookBub isn't actually an app. It's a website that sends you emails tailored to your book selections. These emails contain new release updates from your favorite authors & free and discounted books in your favorite genres and authors. I love getting this email. I have such a large collection of ebooks ready for me to read now that I've signed up for BookBub. And it only sends me emails I want to see. No spam. Just emails that deal with the authors/genres that I chose when signing up. And don't worry, you can always go back in and add more authors afterwards if you forgot one. It offers free ebooks for Kindle, iPhone, Nook, and a few others! And, also free to sign up for! Yay for free stuff!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Waiting-On-Wednesday: The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

I've been a big fan of Judith Miller for a few years now. While looking through the Coming soon section of Bethany House Publishers I saw this. It's set to release in April this year! So far all the books for my Waiting-On-Wednesday are coming out in April...

Here is the plot summary from Bethany House.

After a sheltered life in Pittsburgh, Hope Irvine is ready for a new adventure. When her father takes a position as a preacher in a railroad car converted into a traveling church, she's thrilled at the chance to accompany him. While accommodations in their new chapel car home are tight, Hope couldn't be happier putting her musical skills to good use and ministering to the people of West Virginia alongside her father. But when their chapel car arrives in Finch, West Virginia, they find a coal mining community that has hit hard times and is suspicious of outsiders.

Luke Hughes works for the coal mine when he can, but the struggling company doesn't always offer steady work. When Reverend Irvine and Hope arrive in town, Luke is intrigued by what the reverend can teach him--and by the lovely and kind Hope.

When Hope's desire to bring supplies and Sunday school classes to neighboring counties leads to her traveling with a flirtatious young mine manager, Luke is hard-pressed to suppress his jealousy. But when he begins to suspect the manager's motives are less than charitable, can he prove it without hurting Hope, or worse, putting her in danger?

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