Thursday, December 15, 2016

Easiest Christmas Punch Ever (Blogmas 15)

Here is a super simple, way easy recipe for punch. You just need two ingredients. You can use Sprite or Ginger Ale and you'll need sherbet.

1: Don't refrigerate the soda, or it won't melt the sherbet.

2: You can use any flavor of sherbet you want, because it works with any of them. We usually just pick the color that goes with the party. Ruby Red for a 40th anniversary, green for Christmas, whatever works for you.

3: Put the sherbet in the punch bowl and then fill in with soda. As the sherbet melts or you serve the punch, add more soda. If you run out of sherbet, just put another container in the bowl.

Hope you love this super easy punch recipe. Happy Blogmas!

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