Friday, December 2, 2016

Favorite Christmas Music (Blogmas 2)

Everyone loves Christmas music, but what kind of Christmas music? Older classic songs or newer ones? Religious or secular? Carols? Here are a few of my favorite Christmas CDs/Playlists.

My favorite CDs are

1: Frank Sinatra and Friends
 2: Kenny G miracles The Holiday Album

3: Christmas Time with the Judds                                                                                                           

My go to Pandora station is Kenny G Holiday. As you can probably tell, I'm more into older carols and classic Christmas songs. If you know a really good newer CD be sure and leave a comment of the best music for the Christmas season! 

Have a favorite Christmas CD or song that you'd like to share? Comment below.


  1. I like the older Christmas music too, secular and traditional.

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