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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: The Artisan's Wife by Judith Miller

In this book, Ainslee has to take over a tile works in a town she's never been to. Her twin sister Adaira was supposed to help her but wound up eloping instead! Her brother Ewan and his wife Laura are busy helping her other sister, Rose, and her husband Rylan, at the pottery business they own. When she moves to take over the tile works she meets Levi Judson, who makes beautiful mosaic tiles, and who also has a brother in the local asylum.

This book is a 4 because

1: It took me a few chapters to really get going with it, but once I did it was really good. My favorite Judith Miller book is still In the Company of Secrets.

2: I loved how much information it had, all the details about how the place operated and how everything was made. Also, al the things about the asylum that I would have never guessed, like the woman who was in there so that her brother could get her money!

3: Levi is soooooooo sweet! I love him! He is so gentle with Ainslee and he helped her out when her hand got hurt( and my hand started hurting just reading that!) and also he was super patient and understanding with Noah, and he wanted to help all the patients and I just really loved him....a lot.

4: I love the different ways that Ainslee interacts with her family: How Ewan is so big brother/dad/protector/everything to her, how she calls Laura's grandma Grandmother, how she loves Laura and Tessa, and how she works to restore her relationship with Adaira( I love twins!)

5: I think it was really neat how Aunt Margaret really tried to make restoration and get forgiveness at the end, I thought it was a beautiful picture. I was actually sad when she died before getting to talk to Ewan and Laura.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review!

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