Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, дабы всякий верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел хизнь вечную.
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: Beyond The Silence by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

I'm going to use the plot summary from the back of the book, since I have way too many thoughts flying around in my head to make a comprehendible blurb.

 Lillian Porter has always wanted to fulfill her mother's dream of going west, so when she hears about a nanny position in Angels Camp, California, she defies her grandfather and takes a chance on a new future. But she quickly wonders if she made the right choice. Murky rumors swirl around Woodward Colton, her new employer, but the gossip doesn't match the man Lillian comes to know.

Still, something dark did happen in the family's past. Lillian's seven-year-old charge hasn't spoken in over a year. Gently, Lillian tries to coax him out of his shell, hoping he'll one day feel safe enough to share what scared him. But the Colton olive farm is no longer a safe place. Lillian encounters suspicious characters on their land and mysterious damage done to the farm. When the housekeeper is brutally attacked, the town once again suspects the worst. Will discovering the truth help Lillian clear the name of the man she has come to love--or will it endanger her even more?

5! 5! 5 Stars!

1: I'm going to start off slow, because this is going to build up before it's over! Anyway, the historical details. And the information about olives. It was incredible. You can't read a book by either of these authors without coming out with knowledge on a subject that you'd never really considered. So, not only enjoyable, but also informative.

2: The writing itself, it's one of those that pulls you in so deeply. Whenever I put this down (under duress, apparently I need to eat) I was stunned by the fact that the house was so quiet. The fact is, I heard everything, in my mind, but so convincingly that I could feel the absence of sound whenever I lifted my eyes. Like when you've been in a room full of children and you walk out and your ears are echoing in the quiet. And, I really need to know. Is it hard to co-author? Do you say, "you write chapter 1, I've got 2" and keep going? I feel like this is probably kinda hard. But fun. I bet it's lots of fun.

3: This book was full of the consequences of gossip and hatred. It had bits of the pastor's sermons, and it had those sweet sweet prayers of  Lilian and Woody. It was a blessing, really, to read. (Plus, I was glad to see that Lilian also had a spacey moment in church. That makes me feel better.....That sounded terrible, but oh well!)

4: The bad guy, he always seems to get a section, but oh well. Such is life. Darwin is one of those that believes he is entitled. Everyone should bow to him, to his wishes. No one could cross him. The inability to be wrong. Traits that make for a dangerous man. One who's willing to kill, even in front of a 6-year-old boy. Forget in-front-of, he's willing, and ready, planning really, to kill Jimmy. A bad guy to make you squirm for sure.

5: Sweetest. Romance. Ever. I loved how Lilian and Jimmy took to each other, and without giving anything away, the ending was perfect. I hope hope hoped for that to be what Harry wound up doing. By the last hundred pages, maybe less, I was squirming in my seat from the perfection and sweetness that was happening. SPOILER now though so be careful, but I was so glad that they got married before the last page of the book. It upsets me when that happens, because I want to see what happens next.

So basically, you have to read this book. The story and characters will capture your heart. Add this title to your shelf! Now I REALLY have to get my hands on All Things Hidden (by the same authors, set in Alaska YAY! You know how much I love those Alaska stories!)

Thanks to Mimi and Papaw for my birthday present. (They got me another one too, and I can't wait to start it!)

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