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Friday, December 22, 2017

12 Days of Blogmas Day 10: Review: Blind Spot by Dani Pettrey

So, yes. I know.... not exactly Christmas but I think I'll do a combo post.

Here are a few Christmas movies I've been loving this year: White Christmas (Hello Bing and Rosemary!!!), Holiday Inn (Yeah, I know... And yes.. Bing is a favorite of mine!), all three of the Santa Claus movies, Switched for Christmas, and can I just say that I am sooo looking forward to the When Calls the Heart Christmas special! I need to watch Miracle on 34th Street (with Maureen O'Hara!) and It's a Wonderful Life and probably a few others too! What movies are you enjoying this year?

Alright, now for the book. And yes, this is long overdue. But to be fair, the book shipped to my home address and not to my university PO box. It was, of course, worth the wait. Worth its weight, in fact. In gold.

Declan is on the case. And surprise, surprise, Tanner is his new work buddy. Facing growing attraction for each other, they must focus on the looming terrorist attack. It's coming, and soon. But where, and how soon??? Meanwhile, Avery, Parker, Finley, and Griffin are busy trying to solve a case involving Haywood. And what about Luke and Kate? What's going on there, huh? Well, I can't tell you because that's too big of spoiler for this girl to approve. You'll just have to read the book, ya know!

I'd have to be insane not to give this book 5 stars! Number one, it's ridiculously close to home. I mean, it was almost too realistic. I have a vivid imagination, and unfortunately for me, it has very little problem conjuring this up as a reality. Freaky! Also, these characters.... sucker punch right to the feels. I'm telling you what's the truth! Declan and Tanner are seriously perfect for each other, and it's obvious that this is because their relationship is built on an even stronger Relationship. Yep... this couple's a keeper! Another part of this book that made it so great is the fact that I can point to at least 4 different mysteries happening.... some of them more obviously in the forefront, a few in the background, but the point is that while reading this you will get NO breathing space before the next sentence has you grasping for the next. In fact, I refused for several days to read this book in bed because I knew that if I picked it up, I was no way going to put it down. Beware! Dani will always, always, ALWAYS!! keep you up past bedtime! So... if you couldn't tell from all that...jazz... I highly recommend this book and this author and if I don't get ahold of book 4 pretty soon I'm going to have another conniption fit. (Mom will tell you I was pretty uncontrollable when I finished this one.) That's another thing I love about Dani's writing. Her series' are longer than a simple trilogy which allows for more character development and more time for the story to develop and did i mention more time for me to fall in love with everyone falling in love?

Thank you so much to Dani Pettrey for letting me be on her Street Team. I'm so sorry that this wasn't up long ago as it should have been.

And to all my lovely readers out there, thanks for dropping by. I hope you'll read this book. Go buy it or go make your library get it, I actually don't care how you get it. Well, also read the rest of the series. And then go get this one. And be on the lookout for book 4 too. (In July ;) I already asked...)


  1. Thanks so much for your kind, thorough and awesome review. Thrilled you enjoyed Blind Spot. Appreciate you!