Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, дабы всякий верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел хизнь вечную.
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Monday, March 5, 2018

Review: A Home in Drayton Valley by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Here's a book that I enjoyed over Christmas Break! I hope you'll read this awesome book.

Joss and Mary head West with their two kids and Mary's best friend Tarsie. Mary needs to get Joss away from all the saloons in New York City, and Tarsie is convinced that fresh air will help Mary get better. But just as they are about to cross the river to get into Kansas, Mary's strength fails, and Tarsie and Joss are married in a deal that she made with Mary at the end. Emmy and Nathaniel are easy to love, but Joss... well he's insufferable. Can the two of them make this work?

I'm giving this lovely book 5 stars. You know, every time I start a new book by Kim Vogel Sawyer I get a little worried the first two or three chapters... What if I don't love this one as much as the others.... What if it's not as good... PHOOEY!!! They haven't been bad yet, not a one of them. And this was certainly no exception. I enjoyed reading this so much. I loved the setting and the people and the time. I enjoyed seeing change and growth happen. I loved seeing the overcoming of prejudice. And the overcoming of other things that I can't tell you because I strive to not have spoilers here. (And yes, I do realize that I fail miserably sometimes.) I enjoyed the strange plot twist with prohibition. And the spiritual awakening of certain characters was about enough to make me rejoice, forgetting for a second the fictionality (is that a made up word?) of their existence. I love how Kim always writes out the accents. And the accents give everyone an extra dimension, an added layer to their personality. Bottom line... I tried to just read a chapter or two at a time but instead I was up past midnight last night reading.

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