Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, дабы всякий верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел хизнь вечную.
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Friday, February 1, 2019

Review: Where My Heart Belongs by Tracie Peterson

From a best-selling author, a touching story of a prodigal daughter who learns it's never too late to come home, but will she find acceptance?

This book was so layered and multi-faceted. There were so many many things going on. The layers upon layers of sadness and hurt and anger that had to be worked through made for a very gripping story that totally engrossed. I couldn't put it down. I usually read Tracie's historical fiction, but this is the second contemporary I've read. I have to say... it's quite excellent. It was cool how bit by bit we saw the past twelve years exposed. The revisiting of old wounds and the journey from rebellion to faith made it a book of healing for the characters. I'd like to point out that the ending was so spot on spectacular that I didn't know what to do! It's incredible. It ended just the way I wanted it to. And, there is the fact that this achieved that impossible fiction that seems realistic. I loved this book and definitely recommend it to people who enjoy contemporary books that aren't super heavy in the romance department.

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