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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Meeting Tracie and Kim!!!!

I think I'm prepared for this... as I sit here in my dorm room and drink this concoction that is getting rid of my cough, eat my pepperonis, (Thanks Tiara! I love you girl!) and study my verse for the Doctrines quiz today.

It's been three days (I think... time has taken on a new, indiscernible quality that makes the week seem like Monday followed by three Thursdays) since Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse came to Bob Jones for a book signing. Which I was so excited for. Anyone who talked to me for longer than 20 seconds knew about my excitement, I think. I even talked to Chief, (The dorm supervisor who I don't approach 3 out of 5 times) and got permission to steal take the poster from the back door. And yes, it is hanging on my closet door, so that everyone who comes in our room sees it.

Here's my normal Tuesday schedule though... Work from 8-9:30, Piano at 1:25, and English 103 at 2:35. My dilemma was that the book signing was scheduled for 2. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR ME!!! AT ALL!!!! So my first thought is "Well, I'll just skip En103. No biggie!" My second thought was "Maybe just being late is better." So I talked to my professor, and shoutout to Dr. McNeely here, cause he is amazing, he actually encouraged me to take the opportunity to meet Tracie and Kim and be late.

Tuesday rolls around and I go to work. But then I leave work like fifteen minutes early so I can go take my English quiz with the 9:35 class. That works out. I rush out of my piano lesson at 1:50, hurry to the Den (which takes all of a minute and a half) and see them! But did I rush right in and say hi? Nope. NERVES! (WHat even???) So I go in one door of the Bruins Shop and out the other. Loiter in the Den for 5 or 10 minutes talking to Em. But really just wanting to go in. Eventually I did. Stood in line... explained the plot of multiple different books on the table to the girl behind me in line.... finally get up there and hand Tracie my (well-loved, as you can tell by the slightly crinkly cover) book. She asks what my name is... I say "Erica" while grinning like a Cheshire because I'm too excited for anything else... and then things happen!

Kim looks at me and asks "Are you the young lady from Twitter?" and I'm sure I was already nodding my head before she finished her question (insert eye-roll). Apparently, this gets me automatic hug privileges, and I am VERY much a hugging type of person. Over the moon.... again! (Awkward pause, since I started writing this last week and didn't have time to finish!) And so I spent 45ish minutes getting to know them and just talking to them about their books and how I want to go to Alaska. Kim new that I was going to be late for my class. About a minute after the class starts she told me I was late for class, which made me giggle. And she told me to keep in touch and email her (which I will do as soon as I figure out where her email is...) and I made so many more fun memories that I have chickened out of sharing because they are so special and I just want to keep them in my head and enjoy them there, and please don't call the crazy people, I'm not that looney!

Sorry for the rambling and the filler words. My heart was going faster than my fingers and vocabulary could keep up. Also sorry that this took so long to post! Trust me, it was not for lack of wanting!

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