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Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Dragon's Heir by Kandi J Wyatt

This is the second book in the series Dragon's Courage. If you haven't read the first one or missed my review you can find it at this link.


This book's main character is a boy we were introduced to in Dragon's Future. Braidyn, after 8 years, is feeling restless, wondering what part he has in the dragon colony. He doesn't have to wait long, because someone has stolen two dragon nestlings. After recovering one, Braidyn must seek the help of Ruskya and Carryl to find Peri, the other stolen nestling.

This book is also 5 stars.

1: The plot was amazing. It was a whole separate, new, plot from the first book. It was exciting and refreshing, as well as fast-moving. So many second books are a drop off the cliff of anticipation, but this one just shoves you higher up the mountain, ready for book 3!

2: I loved how the characters from the first book were woven in, and I loved the fact that we got to learn even more about them, and take a deeper look into them.

3: I know I say this in almost all my posts, but I LOVE it when authors put lots of children into their books. I was excited to find out that Ruskya/Carryl and Cerulean/Duskya had plenty of children. I was so glad to see a little of the more grown up baby Ardyn from the end of book 1. I also loved that Carryn was able to communicate with Peri, and the fact that Peri chose the little girl before she was even hatched.... AH my heart so melted!

4: Avi'or became one of my favorite characters. At the beginning I thought he was gonna be scary and awful like his Ahbha but SPOILER ALERT he was seriously like the best big brother ever (well, and Ye'sock) and then during the dragon fight (which was epic) he and Ruskya had such an awesome team-up!

5: Sarai is so wonderful, and she literally had one of the best endings ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help! And the necklace and then Sarai was able to comfort Peri and if I don't stop I'm literally going to accidentally spill too much. Trust me though, you want to read this.


                                              Pam Labbe, you are fast becoming my hero!

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