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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meet the Author: Lea Waterhouse

I'm very excited (like so excited I can't even! {no references need be made to this article!}) to share my very first author interview with you guys! Her name is Lea Waterhouse and, coinciding with today's interview, her first Christian YA book is set to come out! You may remember that a few days ago I posted my review of it. In case you missed that here's a link.

And without further ado, here are the questions and Lea's answers!

What was your first book?
Lea: Dawn on the Road is my first published book--I'm SO excited!

What has been the most encouraging comment you've gotten on a book? 
Lea: The most encouraging comment was from Girlz 4 Christ Magazine's editor, Jessica Lippe. She wrote: "As a Christian who craves adventure, I could definitely resonate with Dawn and Justin on their trip up the West Coast. But more than a journey to see the sights, they are on a spiritual journey to find their purpose, and ultimately to find God. Dawn on the Road will give hope to those facing the tough choices that come during the teen years." This was so encouraging because she got from the book what I was aiming to do.

Which of your characters would you want to be your best friend?
Lea: Justin, for sure. I want to be on the back of his motorcycle heading out on the open road...to anywhere. His awkwardness as a new Christian is endearing too.

Who was your favorite author growing up and why?
Lea: Robin Jones Gunn. The first Christy Miller book lead me to Christ. That series inspired me to write Dawn on the Road, to hopefully encourage other young women, as Gunn's books encouraged me.

Outline or Make it up as you go?
Lea: I definitely outline, but my characters surprise me sometimes. Dawn and Justin were originally supposed to travel to Minneapolis to an art show, and instead headed up to Vancouver to an art school preview. Evidently they felt like a West Coast road trip instead!

What is your cure for writer's block? Or do you even get that?
Lea: Reading beautifully written books reinvigorates my creativity.

What social media do you like to share your works through most? How can readers best connect with you?
Lea: Twitter is a great way; I'm @LeaWaterhouse (follow her here). I'm not great at social media, actually--I tend to turn my phone off to fully experience whatever I'm doing (otherwise, I'm highly distractible!), but then I catch up with readers at night.

Here is a blurb from her book Dawn on the Road! Enjoy!

She’s here for the ride. For the road. For inspiration.
   Dawn Berlin dreams of adventure, inspiration, and to feel something deeper. She’s certain that art will be the catalyst for these goals, except that the adults around her think she’s not being realistic. When Justin Devenport returns to her life the summer before her senior year, he convinces her to find inspiration on the road. Now she’s off, perched on the back of his motorcycle, heading up the coast to a preview weekend at an art school. 
   It isn’t long before Dawn realizes Justin’s view of inspiration is quite different than hers. He believes it comes from a God she was taught absolutely does not exist.
   On the road, maybe she’ll find a friendship renewed. Maybe art. Maybe even love. Or perhaps she’ll find all three wrapped up in a different kind of inspiration, but only if Dawn can break from her upbringing, open her heart, and figure out what she believes.

You can buy her book here!!!

Have more questions for Lea? Please feel free to ask her on Twitter (use #AskLea and tag her using @LeaWaterhouse ) or leave them in the comments below! We'd both love to hear your questions!