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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Pride and Prejudice (Valentine's-y huh) by Jane Austen

I've been trying to think up a good book to do for Valentine's.... And then it came to me... Like a flash! Who is the queen of classical romance? Jane Austen, of course!

Pride and Prejudice is the story of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. The two hate each other, but for assumptions based on pride and prejudice, not for any real reason! Of course, in true Austen fashion, Lizzy and Darcy work things out and are happily married! (I seriously hope that wasn't a spoiler... but it's Jane Austen. Everyone marries in her books!) The only things that they have to work through are catty neighbors/jealous rivals, and a lil bit of pride, and prejudice of course!

This book is a 5!

1: This is my favorite Jane Austen book that I've read... Which is admittedly only two, but I've watched some fairly accurate movies based off of these stories and I still think this one has the best plot!

2: Caroline Bingley is honestly.... she's probably on my list of top literary characters to hate! She's a snob, and a gossip, and she is really horrible in every way imaginable! She makes a great antagonist. A strongly written, weak charactered character...

3: So there are five daughters right? Lizzy and Jane get the most time... Lydia, with Kitty playing more of a sidekick role there, gets next most (she's really quite immature...) and then there's Mary.... the middle kid who everyone seems to forget. Sometimes I wonder if Austen herself didn't sometimes forget about Mary!

4: This is seriously a sweet romance. Once they get past all that junk. And by junk I refer you to point number 2. If you are in love with romance, then you can't go wrong here!

5: Also, it's always great if there's a "moral to the story" so to speak. This one is quite easily seen! Pride and Prejudice are two vices that keep you away from your beloved. But they do cause some frightfully amusing scenes! Don't worry! This story quite rarely takes a dip of spirits. It's generally quite light.(though maybe a bit wordy in places *shrug*)


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    1. My stepmom is crazy about this book too. (and the movie adaptation with Colin Firth... she watches at least part of it almost every night)