Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, дабы всякий верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел хизнь вечную.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson

Two years after Treasured Grace, more or less, Hope is still trying to put the horrors of the Whitman Mission attack behind her. She likes being alone with her sheep, and spinning her wool, and working with the yarn. But now she's expected to testify against the men who shot and killed the boy she wanted to marry. The men who kept her and the other women and girls hostage for a month, a month filled with horrors. She'd rather not relive that awful time, but Hope is determined that her tormentors will never get the chance to hurt anyone else again. Lance Kenner seems to be able to help her move on, if she'll let him. But is her baggage too much?

Another 5 star book from Tracie Peterson.

1: This story definitely draws you in. I was happy one moment, then sad the next. A couple times I was giggling. I definitely couldn't put it down. I even took it into the mall with me and read while mom was eating in the food court. I know I am going to be reading this one again.

2: Neither one of the main characters were on sure footing with their relationship with God, but I enjoyed so much seeing them both grow and change, letting the Lord take their baggage away.

3: If you enjoyed Treasured Grace, you'll be happy to know (Like I was) that we still get to here lots from Grace, and we read from her POV quite a few times throughout the story! We even get to here from Mercy some too. She's 15 now.

4: I know I probably said this last time, with Treasured Grace, but in reading random stuff about the Whitman mission in history or in passing in other books, I don't think I ever actually realized, or if I did, I didn't remember, that there were other people there. That they were kept hostage for so long. This book isn't only interesting, it's a history lesson you don't realize you're getting.

5: I have to say something about the cover. If it's a good cover I always have to say something about it. The color scheme they seem to be using for this series, the soft pastel blues, whites, and greens, are so pretty and peaceful, but what really got me about this cover is the girl on it. Hope. This could be all in my imagination, but I think she looks ready to burst into tears, maybe even looks a little afraid. I know this is probably my imagination, and a ramble too, but I really love this cover.

I received this book through the Bethany House review program. Thanks for sticking with me. I know this was a long, ramble-y review.

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