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Monday, December 19, 2016

Much Ado About.... Stockings? ( Blogmas 19)

Stockings... Some people hate 'em, some people love 'em. What is a good solution to this money grabbing Christmas tradition? Here are a few helpful tips.

Stocking #1- Pick cheaper, small items. Like hot-wheels, stickers, crayons, mini coloring books, chapstick, little stuffed animals. Or for teens, you may need to get slightly more expensive....SLIGHTLY! Don't go overboard, because in all likelihood, they probably have way enough stuff already. Try things like gift cards, earbuds(not the expensive kind!), gloves, deodorant, perfume/cologne, flashlights.

Or you could go for... Stocking #2- We've all heard tell of the days when a stocking held little more than one orange. Well, maybe this year you should do an old fashioned stocking for your kids. Fill it with oranges and apples and walnuts. For a more modern spin, throw in a chocolate bar and a pack of their favorite gum. Not only is this a delicious option, it is also not going to stick around and become clutter in your house!

Thanks for reading and I hope these are helpful as you get prepared for Christmas! Happy Blogmas guys!

Side Note! Except for one or two, most of the pictures I put on my blog I just found in a google search.

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