Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, дабы всякий верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел хизнь вечную.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Review: Under The Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Blurb-"Tayler Hale is ahead of her time as one of the first women naturalists. She has always loved adventure and the great outdoors, and her remote job location also helps keep her away from the clutches of the man to whom she once made a foolish promise. It seems she must keep running, however, and in secret, her boss from Yellowstone arranges for a new job . . . in Alaska.

The popular Curry Hotel continues to thrive in 1929 as more visitors come to Alaska and venture into the massive national park surrounding Denali. Recent graduate Thomas Smith has returned to the hotel and the people he considers family. But when a woman naturalist comes to fill the open position and he must work with her, everything becomes complicated. 

The summer brings unexpected guests and trouble to Curry. With his reputation at stake, will Thomas be able to protect Tayler from the danger that follows?"

5 Stars for this masterpiece. I can't believe that the end of this series has already come! The Heart of Alaska will always hold a very special place in my heart. Book 1 introduced me to Kim as an author. Book 2 *literally* introduced me to Tracie and Kim. In person. I almost died of happiness! And here we are at the end. With a story that thrilled me and kept me glued to the pages, straight through! Of course, the cover hooked me first. Each cover is more beautiful than the last. I loved the heroine in this book, Tayler, who happened to be an atypical character for the time period. A woman naturalist. Highly acclaimed at national parks. Totally cool. And of course, it was about time that we got to hear Thomas's story. I figure that fans have loved him from afar(ish) long enough to deserve this special treat. Of course, it's always exciting to see old friends like Cassidy and the other members of staff here. I think you'll be delighted to see how our other friends conclude their stories as well, for they have expertly been given their say in this story that's "just for Thomas and Tayler" (but really it's not!) Of course, how can I go any longer without a nod to Denali, a favorite destination of mine, if only in books so far. (I was shocked to even read the word McKinley in here! But I suppose it was a necessary evil ;) ) Speaking of evil, let's stop a moment and talk about our bad guy, who was giving me real Martin Paxton vibes for a while. (He comes to a better end than that though, I guess...) And the semi-bad-guy of Tayler's mother, who really needed to get her act together. A character you'll love to hate (for a while). Well done. I can't say much more about it, (I'm surprised I made it this far without spoilers!) except that I truly did love it, and I hope you will too! And tell me what you think, after you've read it! I can't wait to hear from you.

P.S. Don't worry. I know chapter 2 doesn't start until page 47, but the chapters aren't all that long!

I received this book complimentary, but was not required to leave a positive review. All comments are my own.

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