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Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Twist of Rapunzel Blog Tour: Character Interview: Diamond

Today it's our pleasure to have Diamond, from Kirsten Fichter's newest release (Happy Birthday a day late!) Diamond here for an interview. Diamond is the main character in book three of the Once Upon a Twist Tales series, and I know you'll enjoy getting to know this Rapunzel heroine!

Without further ado, here is Diamond!

Hello, Erica! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!
I think it is so exciting to be here!

1. How would you describe your childhood? 
I’m not sure I know what most people’s childhoods look like, but I think mine was pretty quiet. I had a lot of fun, though; there were animals to watch in the woods, and berries to eat, and on rainy days I read through Mother’s books. 
2. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you so far?
I enjoy animals, especially small ones, and I’m always looking to help them out when I can. Animals get hurt in the woods a lot, especially with our resident bear roaming around. Thanks to Mother’s medical book, I know how to bandage wounds and (mostly) set broken bones. Unfortunately, when my rabbit Hobie broke his leg and I tried to set it, the bone didn’t set quite right, and now the poor creature limps badly. He doesn’t complain about it, but Mother says it was an embarrassing moment for me. She says I have a soft heart and doesn’t think I should waste time helping animals. 
3. What is your most treasured possession?
 My pet rabbit, Hobie, that I mentioned in the last question. He’s very sweet even though he doesn’t enjoy cuddling much. He also doesn’t like the pink ribbon I’ve tied around his neck, but I think it makes him look very nice. 
4. Which talent would you most like to have? Why?
I think I’d like to be a medical expert… I think they’re called doctors? Or nurses? I enjoy helping animals and making them feel better, so I think I would enjoy helping people out, too. Taking away pain, making them smile. I don’t know any people, besides Mother, so I’m not sure if I could actually do it right. 
5. What do you most wear on your feet (dress shoes, boots, gym shoes, socks with holes in them, slippers, etc.)? 
I normally wear my boots when walking through the woods, but in our cave I like to go without shoes. The stones tend to wear my shoes out too quickly, and Mother doesn’t appreciate that. 
6. What three words best describe your personality?

I’d like to describe myself as caring, quiet, and observant. Mother would
say long, blonde hair.

Diamond, thank you so much for stopping by to do this interview today!

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  1. Thank you for having Diamond here for an interview! It was a lot of fun!

    1. I'm happy that Diamond got to be the first ever character to make an appearance here!