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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: No One To Trust by Lynette Eason

Summer wakes up to three thugs in her bedroom. They keep asking where David is... but who is David? Not her husband, cause his name is Kyle, right? And suddenly, Summer has no clue what is going on with her life. Who is threatening her, and why? And who is she married to? Kyle, or some man named David with a whole other life?

This book definitely deserves all 5 stars. I loved it just as much as Too Close To Home!

1: I found myself on the edge of my seat for the whole book. It starts off with a bang (almost literally) and never slows down. There's no chance to catch your breath before the next dangerous thing happens, and honestly it's always escalated. So starts off with a bang and does a salmon ladder kind of thing.

2: As always with Lynette Eason mysteries (so far), the characters were amazing, realistic, and relatable. With the PERFECT amount of romane.

3: Let's just say that poisonous snakes and organized crime are high on my "things in a book that are probably going to give me nightmares" list. Looks like it's feel-good movies for me tonight.

4: Things I would say to Marlee if she were sitting in front of me right now. "What the world Marlee? What have you done? Why did you do that? That was a very selfish and immature, jerky thing to do."

5: I almost screeched aloud at the ending! I wanted that so bad! And it totally explained the fact that (is this a spoiler?) Summer was green the entire book.

Also, sorry that I skipped waiting on Wednesday this week. I'll have one next week(if I remember).

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