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Saturday, May 27, 2017

10 Beach Tips for this Summer. Just In Time For Memorial Day Weekend Too!

What? On a book blog?
Yeah. On a book blog. I mean, you're gonna be reading on the beach, right? Right!

Okay, so here we go. I'm going to try to make sense. Y'all just bear with me now, okay?

1: Bring a book. But also bring a towel/sheet to put the book on to keep it from getting water/sand all in it. And also bring something with a little weight, even if it's just another towel, to put on top of it, so it doesn't blow away in the breeze while you're out in the water.

2: GET RID OF YOUR PART!!!! I'm being serious. It doesn't matter how funny you think you look with your hair slicked straight back. Get rid of the part. There is no pain quite like raking a brush across a sunburned scalp. And when the sunburn starts to peel (I know. GROSS!) it's just worse.

3: If you're using spray on sunscreen, step into a sheltered alcove, or the wind will carry some of it away. And then you burn in really really weird splotches. Been there, done that.

4: Bring an extra swim suit if you have one, because nothing is worse than putting on a wet swimsuit.

5: Ice cream melts really fast on the beach. Just saying. And then you have to wash the chocolate off your hands in the ocean. Just be a little careful. Duh-whee.

6: Don't wear your prescription sunglasses out in the ocean. At least, not far enough out that you could get knocked over and have them snatched off your face before you can catch your breath back. (Yes, that did happen to me. No, my mom was not happy. Yes, she did say "I told you so" a lot.)

7: Reapply the sunscreen sooner than the bottle says if you're in the water.

8: For easing sunburn pain try aloe, coconut oil, vinegar soaked cloths and/or aspirin *I've not had much experience with this but I'm told it works really well*

9: Bring loose-fitting clothing that won't rub your sunburn.

10: Make sure you always have something to wipe the salt or sand out of you eyes.

Okay, there ya go. If you couldn't tell, I get sunburned very easily ;) Hope this was a help.

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