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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: After A Fashion by Jen Turano

Harriet and Oliver, an unlikely pair, since she's a hairdresser and he's a member of the New York 400, decide that it will be mutually beneficial to have a pretend engagement. But complications arise, some caused by vindictive women, and others by a former employee, and Harriet wants to back out of their deal. Only, the thing is, their hearts might have gotten a little tangled into the mess. And then, when things look their worst, things might actually be at their best.

For a book like this, 5 stars is the only acceptable rating!

1: This is my first Jen Turano book, and I find her style of writing to be both refreshing and enjoyable. I'll definitely be reading more.

2: This book was hilarious! The most ridiculous things happen, and written in any other way they would seem cheesy. However, in this book, everything just adds to the merriment. Between the fights between characters, and Buford's mishaps, this book had me smiling, and often laughing, the whole way through.

3: I love how Harriet just stands up to Oliver, and he honestly just doesn't know what to do. He seems at such a loss, and that was very refreshing. A fellow who seems lost 90% of the time, ahhhh.....

4: I can't wait any longer to say this! At the end, everything suddenly clicked, and I knew that tears were coming, and I just got up and ran out of the room. It was so perfect I think I might start crying again just thinking about it!

5: I enjoyed Abigail's storyline. I was so glad when she took to Lucetta and Millie and Harriet. Lucetta was so funny with her theatrical airs, and Millie with her bad vocabulary and (not)skills with the hair tongs. Awww... So sweet!

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